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What Size Options Do You Have for a Roll off Dumpster?

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All options aren't created the same when it comes to roll off dumpsters. The size of your dumpster will affect your cost, the number of times that you have to have garbage collected, and the health of your project site. Here are some things to think about when you're choosing a roll off dumpster size.

What Sizes Are Available to You?

Once you know which trash removal company you will be working with, you might want to ask them about the sizes of receptacles that are available to you. The standard sizes would be either a twenty yard or forty yard dumpster. However, there may be unusual offerings at your dumpster rental facility, so call ahead and see what your options are.

What Kind of Project Are You Working On?

In many cases, the size of dumpster is pretty standard based on what kind of project you are working on. For something small scale around the home, such as landscaping or cleaning up fall leaves, a twenty yard dumpster should do the trick. If you are simply cleaning out or renovating a portion of your home, opt for the smaller dumpster. If you are completely gutting an area or creating a home addition, this is when you might start pushing into the forty yard option. For an entire home renovation, the larger dumpster may help you focus on what needs to be done rather than on getting rid of garbage.

Of course, these projects deal with material that is fairly inert and won't rot easily on your property. If you are working with a lot of garbage that could spoil and become a health hazard, then you might to get the smaller dumpster so that you aren't tempted to leave the garbage on your site for a long time.

What Is the Pickup Schedule and Cost?

There is a balance to be found between having too many pickups and having too few. When you have too many pickups, your dumpster rental company is repeatedly emptying a dumpster that is half full. This wastes your money in a lot of cases. But if your dumpster is constantly overflowing, it can waste productivity and be a safety hazard if it creates obstacles on your work site. Contact a trash removal facility like Sullivan Refuse Inc to see what options they think are appropriate for your job. They will help you evaluate your needs in terms of size and pickup schedule.