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Advantages of a Traditional Dumpster over the Alternative of a Dumpster "Bag"

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Any sort of large-scale renovation or clean-up project at your home needs a plan for getting rid of the waste, and a simple solution is to rent a dumpster. When you're thinking about a dumpster, you'll need to choose between the traditional metal receptacle and the newer alternative of a dumpster-style "bag," which you may occasionally see in driveways around your neighborhood. The latter variety has a number of benefits, but the former is often preferable because of its long list of advantages. Here are some that are worth keeping in mind.

Drainage for Water

One of the key advantages of a traditional metal dumpster is that it has drains in the bottom. This means that when it rains, the water will flow through the material piled in the dumpster and drain out onto your driveway. This is ideal because it prevents the dumpster from increasing in weight due to the rainwater. This is a feature that is especially valuable for people who are getting charged for the weight of the dumpster when it is collected by the waste-management service. A dumpster bag typically does not have these drains in the bottom of it, meaning that its weight can be significantly increased by the rain.

Less Risk of Damage

A traditional metal dumpster is virtually indestructible; regardless of what you load into it, whether it's jagged pieces of glass from a renovation or other sharp or heavy objects, you won't have to worry about damaging this receptacle. Conversely, a bag-style dumpster isn't as resilient. Although the material used to make the bag is fairly durable, it's still possible for the dumpster bag to get sliced or punctured by the items you load into it. This can mean that you have to be selective about what you place in the dumpster bag or how you place it, and that can be a hassle when you're working.

Potential for Relocation

Many dumpsters are equipped with a set of caster-style wheels, which means that you can move them around your driveway or elsewhere if you have a large smooth surface, during the project. You might not always be able to push the dumpster when it's partially full, but hooking it up to a truck with a tow rope will allow you to relocate it based on the needs of the job. A dumpster bag doesn't have wheels, which means that once you begin loading it, it needs to remain in the same location until the job is done.

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